staffBEA’s team includes Licensed Site Professionals, Professional Engineers, Wetland Consultants, Registered Sanitarians, Professional Geologists, Environmental Scientists, Public Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Operators, Licensed Asbestos Inspectors and other highly skilled individuals, including our customer-friendly administrative staff.

We take pride in our balance of education, training and experience, wherein many of us have been working with David for more than ten years. Expert witness and testimony are available.


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David C. Bennett, President

Kara Risk, Business Manager

Todd Everson, Project Manager, Public Water Supply Program Coordinator

John Tadema-Wielandt, Project Manager

Samantha Farrenkopf, Wastewater Program Coordinator

Joseph Smith, Chief Wastewater Operator

Greg Brehm, Wastewater Treatment Operator, Environmental Technician

Dan Meany, Wastewater Treatment Operator