Water Supply Treatment

At BEA we help our clients resolve some of their most pressing water treatment, groundwater protection and supply development issues. Our development of new sources is coupled with a focus on conservation, leak detection and water reuse strategies to meet the increasing demand of this limited and precious resource.

Our staff of environmental scientists, engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists will work diligently through the subsurface exploration phase for siting and testing of new water sources, as well as the pump test design and analysis phase to determine the available capacity and yield of the new source. This will allow us to further evaluate water supply potential and water quality concerns at the start of the project. Our comprehensive knowledge of the associated regulations allows us to proceed through the subsequent permitting process for state approval of new source development in an efficient manner. BEA will then design an effective production, distribution, and storage facility for the project.

Finally, our highly qualified staff includes licensed public water supply operators who will operate and maintain any existing or new water treatment systems which may be required.

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