Septic & Wastewater

Design, Inspection and Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater and stormwater that is discharged to the ground eventually reaches this aquifer and can degrade and pollute our drinking water and the ponds and lakes that abound. As such, the treatment of wastewater and stormwater is critical to maintaining our potable and recreational water resources. BEA helps ensure resource protection and responsible management of these resources through the design, permitting and inspection of septic systems, as well as operation and maintenance of industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment systems and plants.

Our team is accredited and recognized for such work through education, training and experience by the Commonwealth of MA as holding Professional Engineer, Registered Sanitarian, Septic Inspector and Soil Evaluator licenses. In addition, our staff includes licensed wastewater treatment operators up to Grade 5C who provide expertise in the operation, maintenance and monitoring of these wastewater treatment systems.

By providing design, construction oversight, and inspections of septic systems; and design, permitting and operation, maintenance and monitoring of wastewater treatment system and wastewater plants, our staff holds a unique working knowledge of treatment components, their function, repair and process controls. This knowledge and experience allows for treatment optimization and cost efficiency which is key to satisfying the needs of our clients.

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