Company Profile

BEA is a unique environmental and engineering consulting firm on Cape Cod which strives to balance development with environmental stewardship.

Just as the Cape is unlike any other region, combining small-town sensibilities with the spectacular natural surroundings of a world-class travel destination, at BEA we provide the friendly, personable service of a small business while maintaining the professional standards of a much larger company. Cape Cod isn’t just where we work— it’s also our home.

Here at BEA we strive to protect the unique natural beauty that surrounds us as well as the irreplaceable personalities of each of our Towns and Villages. The goals of valuing and preserving the unique qualities that make Cape Cod our home are always first and foremost in our minds as we assist in the responsible development and growth necessary to sustain a world-class resort and retirement community with a healthy, family-oriented service sector.

Through value and environmental quality engineering decisions, our clients find that these interests are compatible and mutually supportive in sustaining the Cape and Islands lifestyle.

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