Wetlands Protection

Wetlands are critical in the protection of our water supply on Cape Cod and the protection of buffer zones around these wetlands allow them to flourish. BEA provides wetland delineation and permitting services (Notice of Intent) with a firm understanding of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the local Wetlands Protections By-Laws.

Underground Injection Control

Cape Cod is a Sole Source Aquifer, which means we drink the water that we live over. The discharge of water into the ground through “injection wells” such as septic systems, dry wells, MDC traps leading to a leach pit, or catch basins, are a common source of contamination to public and private water supplies and represent a hidden liability to property owners. The threat is real and the consequences of pollutant discharge can be costly.

At BEA, we promote a proactive solution to minimize or absolve these potential financial exposures and environmental liabilities. We will send an environmental professional to your property to assess and evaluate compliance. We will then provide you with an estimate to return you to compliance which may include 1) permanently sealing the floor drain(s), 2) connecting it to a holding tank, or 3) connecting it to a municipal sewer system, if available.