Commercial and industrial businesses typically require special local and state permitting for the development or expansion of uses on a given property. At times, these approvals require specialty design and layout of buildings and infrastructure as subject to local jurisdictional review, MA Department of Environmental Protection permitting and in some cases, federal regulations.

Examples of such projects completed by BEA include solid waste handling facilities, bulk fuel storage, fuel loading, dispensing and containment, piers and stairways for water access, water supply and wastewater treatment. This work includes the preparation of engineering plans for the siting of buildings and structures, design of parking areas, drainage and landscaping. Furthermore, plans and permit applications are often accompanied by reports including traffic study, environmental impact statements, health and safety plans, manuals for operations and maintenance of designed systems and emergency preparedness.

We provide support to our customers through each phase of the process, including conceptualization, project design, permitting and construction. As needed, we will provide operational support, maintenance and compliance assistance after a facility is constructed. We will follow through with any filing of reports as mandated during the permitting process.